Mike Gillispie

Jazz Flute

Classic jazz with a soulful, lively voice

If you recharge with live music, Mike Gillispie's flute sparks with jazz, from uplifting, airy ballads to coarse, gritty blues. His fresh approach is inspired by his love for America’s Classical Music and his work with great artists who helped form the tradition of the music we enjoy today.

Mike Gillispie

What do people like about his classic voice? It's full of playful spirit, deep roots in jazz traditions, and a pulse that dances in the air. With trills, flutters, and a suprising rumble now and then (how does he do that?) his unique flare brightens any tune and any mood.

Mike has been playing for more than four decades. Classically trained at an early age, his interests turned almost immediately to jazz, and by the time he graduated from high school he was gigging several times each week. His study of the music, its history and culture led him to combine his work as a photographer with his love for music. During photo shoots, performances and recording sessions he has been able to photograph, play with and spend quality time with many of the most important artists in the business.

Mike Gillispie with flute

Experience, vast repertoire and access to top musicians allow Mike to read and respond to audiences. His diverse musical voice employs rarely seen instruments ranging from piccolo to the unique looking bass flute that doubles back on itself.

Well seasoned in clubs around Washington, D.C. including Blues Alley, One Step Down, Twins, and Utopia, he quickly takes charge. With a few fast-moving runs and earthy, low fills, he's cleared the air for a rich musical set.

A native of Washington, D.C., Mike brings together top musicians into close-knit ensembles with the right fit for clubs, festivals, restaurants and private events. His playing instantly puts people at ease to enjoy everything at hand, including food, friends, great jazz ballads, be-bop and swing.

Contact Mike to schedule a live performance; the Mike Gillispie Duo pairs Mike playing all of the flutes (piccolo, concert, alto and bass) along with piano, guitar, harp or vibraphone. Trio, Quartet and larger ensembles add bass, percussion, drums, vocals, brass and additional woodwind professionals. Mike plays private and public engagements every week with the best musicians in the region. He and his experienced, well-rehearsed ensembles of all sizes are ready to make your event a success.


Theory and Practice CD

Mike's first recording as a leader, Theory and Practice, is a favorite among fans and at the D.C. radio station WPFW-FM known as the 'home of the real jazz'. Click here for clips from Theory and Practice

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Mike Gillispie

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