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Charlie Byrd
Charlie Byrd

Many musicians know Mike Gillispie as one of the finest professional photographers to capture images of renowned jazz artists. His own passion as a musician goes hand-in-hand with an avid drive to record candid images of extraordinary players like guitarist Charlie Byrd, bassist Ray Brown, sax player Buck Hill, trumpeter Webster Young, vocalist Nancy Wilson and pianist Sir Roland Hanna.

His photographs have received numerous awards and honors including juried selection by the Guggenheim Museum and Museum of Modern Art in New York.

"I was knocked out by his images of my heroes" -- broadcaster and historian Rusty Hassan

Visit Mike Gillispie's jazz photography website at: www.mikegillispie.com/jazz/

An Accomplished Wedding and Event Photographer

Mike Gillispie, Photographer

Because of his background as a photojournalist, Mike's wedding photography gives you complete freedom to enjoy your wedding ceremony and events as naturally as possible.

Your occasion is professionally captured in spontaneous and beautiful images while the photographer remains practically invisible.

Visit Mike Gillispie's wedding photography website at: www.mikegillispie.com/wedding/

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